The route to Meski…


Each day’s travel has shown us new sights. Travelling from the cedar forest of the Middle Atlas mountains we passed through the eastern edge of the snow covered High Atlas range before moving down to the edge of the Sahara. The scenery is breathtaking and constantly changing. Of course the girls have missed much of this as they have been too busy singing (that’s using the term very loosely!) along to their iPods but even their slightly off key singing beats a continual chant of “are we nearly there yet?”!


A brief stop on the way for yet another cup of mint tea! A couple of days into the trip we worked out the reason for the tea being so good – it might have something to do with average of 4 teaspoons of sugar in each CUP!


One of the bigger vans on the road as we are approaching the desert. We climbed to a height of around 2100m before descending to about 1000m travelling along some windy mountain roads. Thankfully with the drivers’ strike, the roads were fairly quiet the journey was fairly easy.


One of the numerous kasbahs we passed. Much of this part of the journey was alongside the Ziz river which has carved massive gorges in the rock.

One thought on “The route to Meski…

  1. Just love the view of the Atlas Mountains. Had not considered snow next to the Sahara but height does it I supose. Enjoy the rest of the trip, get the girls to sing quietly.

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