Vehicle Insurance

Normal UK vehicle insurance won’t cover you in North America so we had to contact US and Canadian Insurance companies.

We made enquiries with over 20 insurance companies / agencies. A lot didn’t bother to reply. I guess we were in the too difficult to deal with box.

Others that did reply stated that we would either need to have a US address or the vehicle registered in the US. While we could have ‘found’ a US address we felt this could be detrimental is the event of a claim. We had no intention of registering the Motorhome on US plates as this could complicate things as we move further south into Central and South America. Once out of North America we know we will almost certainly be only able to get Third Party Insurance. Not ideal but there appears no alternative.

Segura Gringo did offer cover however we felt the coverage was not sufficient for our needs in North America.

We did contact Progressive who have been able to cover folks like us in the past however, we had a reply that that is no longer the case albeit if you have a policy with them currently they will renew.

As we have a traditional Motorhome Thum offers, what we consider, good coverage albeit at a higher cost that Segura Gringo. Kyle from Thum is very quick to respond to emails. (