The campsite at Meski was on the site of a naturally occuring spring – the pool was OK to swim in providing you didn’t mind sharing it with fishes and frogs. However the girls decided it was too cold to swim in so we gave it a miss and just dipped our toes instead.

We paid a visit to the local school. The school is very close to Ray’s heart and we all bought donations of clothes and basic equipment such as pencils and paper with us. It was quite an experience for the girls whose biggest hardship at school is having to share a laptop.


The girls had bought some of their own school pencils with them and after the teacher had introduced them and the class had sung the spelling of their names to them in Arabic, they gave one to each of the children in the class.



Us! The campsite here is in an oasis – it is a lush and very green spot.


The girls are the only children on this trip and are being spolit rotten. They had a trip on Ray’s quad bike around the village

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