St Petersburg

We left the UK with floods and high winds, leaving Bob’s eldest lad house sitting (well it gives his mum a break from him too).

During the flight Bob wrote a couple of words about June, by mistake, not having booked the hotel for Thursday night. A guy sat next to him said ‘sorry about reading your screen but if you need a place tonight i have a studio flat you can use for free. I am going away but you can just drop off the key’. Nice Russian.

However getting a taxi at the airport we found the flip side when they tried to charge us £60 for a 18k trip. We had a chat about the 90 Ruble per km and it was only 18 km to the hotel from the airport. He tried to say it was more until Bob showed him the app that had tracked the trip. We ended up paying £46, which was still over the top but not as much as the couple we met in reception who had paid £70

Hotel Domina Presitge is a very bright hotel but spotless and with free wifi. Not too sure about the need fir a network socket in the bathroom though

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