Hurst View Camp Site Lymington

Friday 29.03.13

Having done a pick up of food from Tesco the roads to Lymington got a little busy as we got closer to the camp site.

The site itself was still quite wet around the edges and having walked over the grass to test it we managed to get a spot big enough for us and Chris, Penny and Tia who would be joining us later.

The camp site is very chilled out. Very few rules…… You can even have open fires. The shower block appears quite new and the showers were hot, free and powerful. What more can you ask.

Saturday 30.03.13

We ran out of gas just after the morning brew. Quick pack up and off we went, taking Tia with us, to the nearby Shell station. Brilliant to be able to fill up the Gaslow system with twenty odd pounds worth of gas and knowing that it was cheaper and in wasn’t handing back a bottle with gas still in it. Gaslow is quite a cost to fit and I’m not sure we would have ever had it done but the new van came with it.

We had a quick troll about Lymington looking for a parking space big enough for us but no joy. So back to the campsite before we walked back into town, only a couple of miles.

It was market day but that didn’t stop us from lunching at Cafe Nero….. where I managed to through a cup of coffee over Amy and June caused a bit of distress by choking…

We managed to escape without succumbing to the call of the market traders….

We even managed to bag a geocache 🙂

Sunday 1.04.13

This morning it was Chris and Penny’s time to run out of gas….. but Chris has previous for doing that. While we were in the Peak District he offered to host a BBQ only to find he had run out of gas.

There are quite a few walks from the site and we decided to wander out to the sea wall, again managing to bag a couple of caches, and onto the Gun at Keyhaven for a quick lunch. During the walk we have a bit of an egg hunt with the girls… apparently I wasn’t meant to eat them once found they were meant to be re hidden…. well you live and learn…and eat!

Gas Gas my kingdom for Gas


The Grand Easter Egg Hunt


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