A grand ride out…or two

In a few weeks, together with a few fiends we are taking part in the Prince’s Trust Palace to Palace Ultra bike ride.  90 miles from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle.  This weekend was arrange to do a bit of training. Stopping at a campsite near Kingham we had the Cotswolds to play with 🙂

Stopping at a CS Pebbly Hill Nurseries, and ideal.  Close to Kingham rail station allowed June to travel direct from the city after work

Two friends joined us on the Saturday for the ride out and we covered 48 miles… with a coffee stop at Broadway Tower.



[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Walkmeter-Cycle-20140823-0955.gpx”]



Sunday was my grandson Benjie’s birthday party at  the swimming pool in Witney..  This meant another 16 mile trip each way.  It would have been so easy to abandon the bikes and take the motorhome but I am so glad we didn’t.  The trip there seemed tougher than the trip back…maybe it was because i had been having fun in the pool with Benjie and Alfie…

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