Meknes is just great… we wandered around the Souks and markets on the first day getting a few spices and such like. The market was very busy – the description of it being like Ikea on a Bank Holiday was pretty spot on! The girls were not too keen on the meat area – the standing joke was that the meat was so fresh any good vet could have revived its owner. But it was all part of the experience.


Stalls in the market piled high with olives.


The outer wall of the royal palace in Meknes which is one of the original Imperial cities.


The girls enjoying their banana juice in the main square – a great place for sitting and just watching the world go by!

The second day we had a horse and cart ride around the town which included going through the market street – stalls were literally being moved out of the way to let us through. Going back to Ikea – it was like pushing the biggest possible trolley in the opposite direction to everyone else!


The girls with Ahmed, our slightly made driver!

Managed to buy a breathable mat for along side the Motorhome (much cheaper than the UK…).

For the second day we had a problem getting a taxi back to the site (we were carrying the mat and a taxi would have been really good!)… later found that there is a strike among ‘professional’ drivers.. including petrol tanker drivers … so we may be here for a while… No, Ray is using his contacts to locate fuel so no worries there so far. Food is another matter as shops run low but we are OK for a few days and won’t have to resort to raiding the cupboards for a bit!

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