Change of Motorhome

After a quick trip last weekend we have decided to buy a newer Motorhome. It is still a Hymer, the 640 Starline. Lovely vehicle. Will be collecting it from Pete and Sarah the weekend after next.

Meanwhile a bit of a cleaning job on our current one. She has been a star and we have had some brilliant trips away in her. Now it’s time though to sell her and let others share her comfort.

2 thoughts on “Change of Motorhome

  1. Bob, I’ve just bought a Starline 640 – top tip…don’t lean too hard on the table extension !! and when you do break the support arms be very careful if you drill new holes in the table !

    1. bob

      damn……!!! Our table doesn’t have an extension….but it does have a small hole in it from where the previous owners dropped something out of the cupboard.

      What do you think of the Sprinter…. I love it. The only thing I have noticed from the B544 on a Fiat we had before is the low ground clearance. Have you noticed the fuel tank is plastic and under the driver… not a problem in an accident I’m sure but again just need to be careful if we go off road…which we are a little next month in Morocco 🙂

      have fun in it

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