And we continued to laugh…as it rained again..

Leaving the Florence Sosta which for Motorhomers among you has a black and grey water dump and fresh water tap, we made to the campsite of Fusina in Venice. As we neared Venice the rain started…. well to be honest it poured and poured.  Fusina, on the mainland, is really well located with a pedestrian ferry to the central Venice. Partly due to this though it  wasn’t cheap at 54 Euros a night plus an extra 5 Euros if you wanted WiFi access by reception.  

Going to have a little rant now….  If you charge what you think is a fair price of 54 Euros, and I guess bearing in mind it was the peak season and it was on the outskirts of Venice and you insist on charging and extra 5 Euro for WiFi make sure it covers all the site! Rant over!

We picked a pitch with water frontage hoping the rain wouldn’t bring it closer, and plugged in.  Ahhhh aircon tonight if we need it. For the past few nights we had….well I say we but I mean June and I, had the benefit of a fan above our bed that could run off ships power.  It was a God send, if I was a believer, and I will thank our friends who had it fitted when they owned the van.  I can remember, and am reminded quite often of this, saying when we bought the van “we’ll never use it and as for those hydraulic levellers I may get them removed for more weight capacity”….  So far we have used the levellers almost every opportunity and it does give a certain smugness ( yes I know that isn’t a nice trait) when we arrive and I get out with the remote to play ‘how level can I get this this time’

Anyway Venice.  As I look out of the window, having been assured by the lady that took my passport at reception that Venice is there in-between the rain laden clouds, I get a quick flash and clap of thunder….that storm is back with vengeance!  At least we’re warm and dry in the van and we didn’t laugh too much at the poor souls whose pitches are now under water or even having water pumped off them! Well she did assure me that tomorrow was going to be sunny. 

Oh we have ships too
Oh we have ships too



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