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This page holds a few links to campsites, venues etc that we think are particularly good and other ‘stuff’ we think may be of interest

Motorhome Dimensions Template

As any motorhome driver will know having the dimensions of your van easily accessible can be a real help on narrow roads.

We have this laminated and on permanent display on our dashboard.

I am very much a visual type of person

If you would like the template just click below. It is editable in Google Slides or PowerPoint

Alleged gassing in motor vehicles

There has been a lot said about gassing in motorhome and subsequent theft from…  I have always thought this odd as I had never heard of it during happening in the UK in all my 30 years  as a cop.

This leads you to a statement on the The Royal College of Anaesthetists website.  I guess they would know 🙂


Forest View Campsite
Forest View Campsite

The first, we will admit is run by really good friends Pete and Sarah.  They are Brits who had a dream to run a Campsite in France…

Forest View is a delightfully rural site set in the heart of the stunning Perche Valley of Southern Normandy backing onto the Forest and is about 70 kms north east of Le Mans.  With its 1 1/2 acre fishing and boating lake at its heart, Forest View is a beautiful place with great hosts.

Sonogno Aire

Sonogno Aire

This is a beautiful stopover.  The Aire is at the end of the car park and for a grand total of €16 a night we have water and dumping facilities in a beautiful Swiss valley. And the ticket covers us for use of the car parks in the valley until tomorrow at 19.00. Just a 2 minute walk to the village this Aire is really well positioned. The village has a few souvenir shops, a restaurant and cafés. There is a beautiful church looking over what I guess must be the village green.

Canoe 2

River Nene

We have used Canoe 2 twice now and I am sure we will be back for more.  It is a great day out on the river Nene, or more if you fancy an over nighter, and we have found them so helpful and professional.  There is a campsite right next to their base at Ditchford Lock, Ditchford Road, Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire.

8 thoughts on “Links and Stuff

  1. Marton Laszlo

    I’ve seen a reply in an overlander fb group about how you make the maps of your trips, but I don’t find it. Can you tell me, how you manage to track your trips and import it to googlemap?

    1. bob


      What we do is record the trip on MotionX-GPS and that will give you a GPX file of the route.

      To get it on to Google Maps you need to tap your places and one of the options is Maps.

      We then import the GPX into a layer.

      If you need more help just let me know.


      1. MotorhomersRus

        Do you still us this as after reading this I looked it up but as far as I could see it’s been discontinued

  2. Dušan Šalehar Kegl

    W, I ell about your big trip. only some toughts, from one who done a lot of travels around the world…. Seabridge provided us with shiping to South America, North Amnerica, South Africa… They provide the best servis with insurance (Liability) , voltage conversion, useful propan adapters, local info….. They have their teams all over the world, because they are providing seabridge tours….

    1. bob

      Thanks for the information. Really useful.

      We have been in touch with Seabridge as well as IVSS.

      We won’t need the voltage converter for the USA as we have lithium with solar etc. Even in Europe and Türkiye we hardly ever used main hook up.

      Have you driven the Pan Am? We’re always interested in hearing from people that have.

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