Just a small storm then…

During the night we were woken by a huge thunderstorm. It was the loudest I had ever heard and I guess that some of that would have been echoing around the mountains….

The day was a bit of a wash out in that it rained for most of it but we still managed a wander into town for a #Clewleystopsforcoffee and ice cream.  

Cannobio really is a pretty little town with cobbled stone alleyways linking the bigger streets.  It is a must for a return on a dry sunny day so we can take a boat trip out on the lake.

Tomorrow may be a move to Locarno, 30 minutes north and in Svizzera. Still on the glacier formed Lake Maggiore though.  Switzerland at this point is greatly Italian speaking.  Italy only became unified in 1861 and even now residents have more feeling of loyalty to their region than their country. 

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