At last….

…. the day has arrived. We have both been like 8 year olds in the way we have been looking forward to this trip. I can’t recall being like this for the 2009 trip to Morocco, but maybe we were.

Stopped at a garage to top up the gas system and tyres. While there I was approached by 2 separate people asking about the Motorhome. My answer, as always, is…. If you have thought about it do some serious research and go for it.

I left early for Ashford, where I will be meeting June, as I just wanted to get around the M25. A lot of people knock the London Orbital motorway but if I’m honest I have only been caught in tailbacks a couple of times. And I didn’t want this to be another.

It did mean I had to stop off at services once or twice for a Costa. It’s a tough life we live.

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