Just a few Photos

Patagonia 2017

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Andalucia 2015

[wppa type=”slide” album=”17″][/wppa]

Morocco 2015

[wppa type=”slide” album=”13″][/wppa]

Morocco 2014

[wppa type=”slide” album=”11″][/wppa]

Italy & Switzerland 2014

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The Peaks 2014

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Picos de Europa 2014

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Iceland 2013

[wppa type=”slide” album=”6″][/wppa]

Morocco 2009

[wppa type=”slide” album=”14″][/wppa]

Pen Y Fan

[wppa type=”slide” album=”2″][/wppa]

Bossiney to Boscastle

[wppa type=”slide” album=”1″][/wppa]

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