Definitely a big travel year this one and a case of start as you mean to carry on!

So first stop a weekend in Venice. We stayed in a small hotel just off the Piazza San Marco and walked miles over the two days seeing the main tourists sites and some off the beaten track through geocaching and Bob’s inability to read the map……Apparently things are different on the ground.

A Valentine’s trip to Lavenham

Dorset for the Easter weekend and the girls first trip in the motor home. Great campsite at the top of the cliff overlooking Durdle Door apart from the crows on the roof at the break of dawn every morning. We dragged the girls out on their first proper walk (they were only 8 and 5 at the time) and they managed almost 8 miles and not a whinge or whine even when it began to snow on the way back up the big climb to the campsite.

April and Bob’s big 5-0 was spent in Mauritius. The internet is such a wonderful thing and the big day was all arranged before we got there – sub-scootering during the day and then back to the hotel for dinner on our own table on the beach. Us being us, we couldn’t spend the whole holiday on the beach or by the pool so we hired a car and driver for a couple of days to see more of the island. Swam in the Rochester Falls, saw the multi coloured sands and……

First trip to Sheepcote Valley campsite in Brighton at the end of May. The start of the pattern where Bob drives the van to a campsite during the day on a Friday and June takes the train of the City after work and in the case of Brighton back to work on the Monday morning.

The summer holiday was two weeks on the banks of the Loire in Montsoreau. The girls disappeared almost as soon as we arrived coming back pretty soon with their new best friends. They really seem to enjoy the freedom that the campsite gives them; being able to play freely with their new friends, taking part in the organised activities and only coming back to us for food.

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