Getting Close

We the departure date is getting closer. With my eldest son moving in Thursday so the house is occupied although it s a bit further for him to drive I feel better knowing he will be here watch the place….


Penny and Chris have already left for a steady drive down to the South of Spain. Ours will be … Read more


It appears the flat battery at Easter may be down to a blown 50amp fuse.

Think it must be the fuse connecting the solar panels to the vehicle battery.

Not too sure but I found a fuse gone right next the battery and I can’t think what else would use a fuse that size.… Read more

Beaulieu Motor Museum

Monday was home day but June came up with the great idea to go via Beaulieu Motor Museum. What a great idea and only £52 for all four of us. They even had signs directing us ‘motorhomers’ to our car park.

But first we had to get a jump start from Chris as the engine battery was flat…. Not a … Read more